local loop unbundling

Local Loop Unbundling Services

Network Extender Technologies Ltd provide Local Loop Unbundling Services including;

  • LLU Zhone product installation
  • LLU HDF-to-DSLAM cabling

LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) – what is it?

In order to create a more commercially competitive environment in the UK’s telecommunications sector, and dilute the potential monopoly of BT (British Telecommunications), the taxpayer funded copper and fibre-optic infrastructure in the UK was moved from within BT’s control to a new organisation known as ‘Openreach’.

Although Openreach are ultimately a BT owned concern, they have to treat all OFCOM approved CP’s (Communications Providers such as Network Extender Technologies Ltd) equal, this process is known as ‘Equivalence’.

This means that UK CP’s have direct access to the UK’s copper and fibre-optic infrastructure and can install Carrier Class telecommunications equipment (such as provided by Zhone), into Telephone Exchanges, PCP’s etc. a the same tariff as BT and offer competitive connectivity services.

This is achieved by the CP installing Comms Rack(s) into either a Telephone Exchange (in a room known as the Comingling Room) or a privately owned Street Cab (this is known as SLU – Sub Loop Unbundling) into which the CP installs copper or fibre-optic based communications equipment depending upon the services required by the End Users.

Carrier Class Comms Racks can be provided by Openreach, this is known as the FCP (Flexible Comingling Product) which is scaleable in size depending upon future growth requirements, and into which the fibre-optic or copper lines are presented by Openreach.

Fibre-optic lines are terminated with Ethernet equipment by Openreach and tariffed in accordance with their EAD (Ethernet Access Direct) services providing 100Mbps, 1000Mbps or 10GE line rates.

Copper lines are delivered to each FCP via 100pair ‘Tie’ cables, terminating on a HDF (Handover Distribution Frame) consisting of ten 10-way IDC blocks. The Tie cable then connects to the Telephone Exchange’s MDF (Main Distribution Frame) which in turn connects to many thousands of copper lines that permeate outwards to serve the telecommunications footprint served by the Telephone Exchange.

Each cooper line is also connected to the TAM (Test Access Matrix) in each Telephone Exchange to enable remote line testing in the event of a fault.

Once the CP has an LLU installation with access to the UK’s copper and fibre-optic telecommunications infrastructure, the CP can connect the various types of broadband equipment according to the services the CP wishes to provide e.g. EFM, xDSL, AE/GE, GPON etc