Technical Services

We can provide a complete suite of Technical Support Services all of which have SLA’s (Service Level Agreements available on request).

Network Extender’s Technical Support Services provide priority access to skilled hardware and software expertise to resolve customer issues. These Support Services can be further enhanced to provide real-time access to Zhone’s Worldwide GSS Support through electronic delivery systems or directly with a team of technical experts – a team with substantial experience in providing remote technical support for some of the industry’s largest Access Networks.

Zhone GSS Priority/Service Definitions

Technical Severity definitions follow GR-929 standards:

  • Network Down – system or service platform has a complete or partial failure resulting in a critical impact to end-user services. Zhone will work around the clock (7×24) to resolve the problem.
  • Major – system or service platform has a severe service interruption, loss of functionality, or maintenance visibility issue affecting normal use.
  • Minor – minimal impact to system performance or functionality or customer requires information on the capabilities of the Zhone product.

Professional Services:

Zhone Professional Services are available at an additional charge to provide services beyond those covered in the Technical Support Services.

Finally, if existing support services already exist, we can customise our Technical Support Services to ‘map-onto’ any existing support activities, providing only the Services that you require.

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