high speed extended networking

AE/GE – Active Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet

This technology allows extended Ethernet connectivity over fibre-optic cabling infrastructure over distances up to 40Kms.

Point-to-Point connections

AE/GE technology is primarily designed to provide Point-to-Point connections with line rates up to 1Gbps mostly to commercial Customers.

Typical applications

Active Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet equipment is generally used to extend very high-speed network or Internet connectivity over single Point-to-Point fibre-optic cabling over very long distances i.e. 40Km’s.

Commercial / Telco

Due to the dedicated nature of AE/GE solutions, this technology is very popular in commercial and/or Telco (Service Provider) environments.

The AE/GE standard allows Zhone’s market-leading AE/GE products to inter-connect with products from other vendors, for example Zhone’s AE/GE CPE devices are a popular addition to Cisco-centric networks.


  • Point-to-Point Systems
  • CPE end devices
  • DSLAM Head-end Systems
  • Zhone Management Systems