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Carrier Class - Extended Networks

Network Extender Technologies Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of Carrier Class - Extended Network products from Net To Net Technologies Inc. We provide both the products and technical skills required to build Carrier Class – Extended Networks.
Extended Networks interconnect using:

  • Long Haul - Wide Area Network (WAN) active digital infrastructure such as E1, E3, DS3 Telco circuits
  • Short Haul - WAN passive copper infrastructure such as British Telecom’s (BT’s) Baseband Premier (EPS8), Baseband Standard (EPS9) ‘local loop or last mile’ circuits
  • Any privately owned Telco grade copper wire pairs

Providing high speed interconnectivity across an extended network using SDSL and xDSL broadband technologies.

Products Include:
Extenders for passive copper (local loop/last mile) Telco circuits
Extenders for active Telco circuits such as E1, E3 and DS3
Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers (DSLAM’s)
Services include:
Fully Support your Extended Networks using Net to Net Technologies products
Technical Services for passive copper (local loop/last mile) Telco circuits
Broadband Workshop - Build your own Carrier Class Extended Network

Net To Net Technologies Inc, formed in 1998 by Ken Latimer former Vice President Engineering at Cabletron Systems, has established a world leading position in the design and manufacture of Ethernet (IP) based products used extensively to build Carrier Class broadband networks. Net To Net Technologies Carrier Class – Extended Network products are designed specifically for Telecommunications Companies (Telco’s), Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) and Self Integrators such as Global Financial Institutions, Local Authority and NHS ICT departments.

Contact Network Extender Technologies Ltd for Net To Net Technologies Carrier Class products, Broadband technical skills, BT EPS technical skills, BT EPS troubleshooting skills or total Project Delivery Services.

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Offers & Promotions

DSLAM Starter Packs

Network Extender’s fantastic DSLAM Starter Packs help your budgets by providing the following fully managed, high performance product bundles to assist with your first steps in building your own Carrier Class – Extended Network.

New 4 Old Technology upgrade

Network Extender have had tremendous success in replacing DSL products that use older transmission technologies such as 2B1Q and CAP encoding with NetToNet Technologies G.SHDSL compliant Network Extender products

BT EPS ‘Local Loop’ Circuit Deployment Programmes

Carrier Class – Extended Networks interconnect using Telco cable infrastructure such as British Telecom’s Baseband Premier (EPS8) and Baseband standard (EPS9) circuits for short haul connectivity. Let us help you deploy, optimise and fix any problems.


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